Signature Massage

    .    Hilot Dagdagay Therapy




    Hilot is a traditional Filipino treatment combining herbal banana leaves and therapeutic massage techniques using virgin coconut oil to help relax the body and boost the immune system, reduce stress and help relieve muscular pain. The native dagdagay stick is used to perform a pressure point massage, stimulating specific points on the body for a more effective result



    .    Asian Blend and Aromatherapy




    A beautiful fusion of Asian Filipino massage techniques and specific essential oils to help improve sleep and boost the immune system. This therapeutic massage eases muscular tension and releases stress, to leave you relaxed and refreshed.



    medical    Rescue Feet (with Dagdagay)




    This unique personalized foot treatment begins with a warm scrub to soften feet and remove dry skin. Soothing paraffin wax melts muscle tension, and moisturizes the skin while the acupressure massage using the bamboo dagdagay helps promote a general feeling of wellbeing.



    people 2    Muscle Reviver




    A condensed massage for those who suffer tension related headaches and neck strain. If you have little time to spare, this deeply soothing back, face and stress releasing scalp massage is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles. You’ll feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or relaxed and calm for a peaceful night’s sleep.



Essential Massage

  • people 2    Aromatherapy Massage




  • ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.



    gym    Deep Muscle Massage



  • A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.



    people   Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage



  • This massage is tailored to address any areas of concern and uses the most appropriate massage techniques along with the ESPA Body Oil to suit your needs and help ease aches and pains.



Relax and Unwind

Mondays through Sundays: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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